Starfruit Digital FAQ

Here are answers to common questions about our services.

Please Contact Us for any questions not covered below!

How the Design Process Works

Initial Meeting

We’ll discuss goals and vision for your site - design, layout, logos, photos, colors, fonts. We can also take photos at this time if you need.

Site Preview

In 2 weeks, we will send you an online preview of the site. You'll give us feedback and any new content needed for the next version.

Second Draft

We'll send a 2nd preview incorporating your changes and other final touches. You'll then send any fine-tuning needed before the site goes live.

Site Delivery and Training

We'll take the site live on your server, and train you how to update content and manage the site on your own. Don't worry, we're always here if you have questions!

What To Expect

A Professional Site

Attract new business, inform your clients, and accept reservations online.

Interactive Design Process

You can be as involved as you want to be - or leave most of it to us. Your choice!

DIY (Do it Yourself) Editing Power

With the Wordpress and Weebly platforms, you're in the driver's seat. You’ll easily be able to update your own site, and won’t need a web professional for simple tasks - or even some complex ones! Again, we're here to help if you ever get stuck.

Search Engine Optimization

Your Home Page Is Your Prime Real Estate. Use it judiciously.

What you present in Landing page is generally deemed as a gist for your site. This page is given a much higher priority. Search engines attach special value to what you present in your home page or the landing page for your domain. Watch What Is Above The Fold >>>

Some times, you may have to compromise that fancy look for SEO. Think twice before using a Intro Page or Splash Page for your site. Evaluate if your site really needs the animated Intro or a full blown Slide Show. You probably can do with out it. Weebly Splash Page. Is it for you ?

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